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Disposable Face Mask Non-Woven Breathable Face Mouth Safety Mask

৳ 250.00 ৳ 230.00
  • Min order 50 piece
  • Disposable Face Mask Non-Woven Breathable Face Mouth Safety Mask


৳ 780.00
  • Enhances beard growth
  • Makes beard thicker and longer
  • Gives your beard sleek and shinier look
  • For every skin type
  • Blend of 100% natural oils
Contains: 50 ML x 1 Bottle

Dr Rashel Black Soap Collagen Charcoal Deep Cleansing Whitening Complex

৳ 350.00
dr rashel black soap deep cleansing whitening complex
tighten pores acne oil control
  • Brand : dr rashel
  • Bath Body Category : Body Scrubs

Dr. Rashel Breast Enlarging Cream 150g

৳ 1,050.00

Dr. Rashel Breast Enlarging Cream 150g

Enlarge the size of breasts Breast enlargement cream Dr. Rashel worked on developing breast enlargement cream is a mixture of herbs and natural substances work on enlarge the chest to seem larger in a few weeks. With regular use you will notice a change in the size of the chest to become larger for what it was like Usage: after washing the areas to be treated well with water. Apply the right amount of cream by massage it gently until it is absorbed by the skin completely. Preferably use it twice a day, morning and evening. Warning: Stop use in case of observation any symptoms on the skin Please keeping the product in a cool place and out of reach of children Ingredients Deionized Water. Mineral Oil, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Edta, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-20, Ceteareth-12, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Menthol, Yeast Weight: 150g

Electric-Hot-Water-Bag-Pain-Remover-Portable-Heat-Pillow-Multicolor-(Premium Brand Intact Box, Funnel & Power Cable) by OHG

৳ 750.00 ৳ 550.00
  • Package list: 1*hot water bottle, 1*power cable
  • Used to provide warmth
  • Typically whilst in bed
  • Application of heat to a specific part of the body
  • It is a high quality reliever from aches in cold climatic conditions
  • Gives relief from pain and makes you feel comfortable

ROREC Face Mask Soft Skin Natural Moisturizing Extracts Collagen 5PCS

৳ 300.00
Natural moisturizing extracts. Whitening and moisturizing mask. Masks, enriched with berry and plant ingredients moisturize and nourish skin, giving it an excellent care and making it more flawless. 1. Glycerol. Glycerin has a softening action, smoothes skin, giving it a soft and silky look 2. Hamamelis extract. Gently affects on skin, softens it and makes it smooth and elastic 3. Sodium Hyaluronate. Moisturizes skin and lock in moisture, makes skin elastic and shiny Blueberry is a "golden fruit". Brightening face mask with blueberries. Soft and nourishing moisturizing Blueberries are saturated with lactic acid and contain skin moisturizing ingredients that easily penetrate skin. Nourishing olive face mask Softening moisturizing remedy for skin nourishment Excellently nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals Nourishing mask with pomegranate seed oil Soft nutrition and moisturizing for elastic skin Nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals Nourishing moisturizing mask with honey Soft moisturizing and nourishment. Gentle and effective skin nourishment Moisturizing mask with Aloe Vera. Tenderly nourishes and moisturizes skin Gently nourishes skin with vitamins and essential nutrients The mask is enriched with berries extracts and plant ingredients which provide skin with excellent moisturizing and nutrition, makes skin flawless. 1. Moisturizing. Lasting moisture retention. 2. Beautiful shine. Shiny skin. 3. Moisturizing Aloe Vera. Makes skin soft. 4. Strengthens skin. Makes skin soft and smooth. 5. Nourishes skin. Care for dry skin.